Show those who care for us that

we care for them.

For anyone who knew her, you knew that Michele would give the shirt off her back to help you. She would give until it hurt, and then give some more so that people felt seen, heard, and most of all care for.

These are unparalleled times. Healthcare workers and first responders already face stressful working conditions. Now, they’re being asked to work longer hours, stay away from family for fear of contracting the virus.

In partnership with Big Guy’s BBQ, we’re sponsoring free meals for healthcare workers and first responders. If you’re a nurse, a social worker, a counselor, a doctor, a paramedic, fireman, police officer, call Big Guy’s, order your meal and bring your proof of employment and the meal is on us.

Want to join us in supporting this vital community of people? Click here and 100% of donations go to meals.